Friday, May 14, 2004
virtual exsistance
well, this is nice

here i am on a sunny friday afternoon... at work. i can see its sunny by looking out the window, down the hall and i have to bend over. the light hurts my eyes.

i was going thru my old emails in my break and sorting it when i came upon my old blogger invite email. sheesh i havnt posted or looked at it in ages, what have i missed!

i return to a run down building. what was once coated in clean painted walls and thick carpets is now coarse floor boards and broken windows. breeze sweeps through the place giving me a chill. there is a message on the mantle by the fireplace... 'stuff posting thru a website...'

i take out my pencil and make an addition to this record of thoughts and leave, forget the past, look to the future...

the future? what is that? where am i now? who knows...

i lean back from looking out that distant window, a portal of potential out of reach...
what an i doing now? im at a desk writing this in my break time. im not at school cause i quit. i am working now. if i quit i could do anything i could fucking want. i could go overseas and live in a hut in the jungle for the next decade. why not? why should i? why should i give a fuck?

what am i doing now is aparently the best option for my situation but it does provide thinking material for your potential, yet here i work, building up my wrist rsi on this keyboard, saving for an 'education' when i could start a business and make a million in half a year if i cbf. why cant i be fucked? this is weird... what is going on... the walls! the close in! its dark! AAAA!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Mine has packed a sad. So, since I now have to Blog from a website, I won't Blog anymore. Ezpz.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Call 4 Change

Visit this site, click YES, and help to prevent Telescum from raising the prices any further!
Friday, February 06, 2004
Consider this word, prepared. Now think about it.. think what it means.. it means before pared.. what the hell is pared? WHAT THE HELL?!

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Results of Blog Lan '04
A fantastic event all round, hosted at the famous morbandit's house, this LAN took place @ 1900 on 05/02/04 and finished at 1530 on 06/02/04.

The event consisted of Counter-Strike, Natural Selection and Generals Zero Hour.

First up we played Counter-Strike. morbandit pulled off to an early ownage streak, hammering the competition into submission with his flick awping skills, but then, from nowhere, the almighty Chief took the lead, decimating morbandit and Blab with his exceptional AK47 headshots on de_aztec. Meanwhile, back at spawn, our old friend Adam was setting up some of the best cheats around, and before we knew it, we were getting owned through boxes and walls! That was when Adam's monitor's power cable was removed from play.

Next we got into some tactical Generals games, causing mixed emotions from the great Clarketus, strategist extraordinaire and probably the best whiner to ever grace a battle field. One minute, the game is awesome, and Clarketus is winning, next its "lame" when he loses his army to a huge nuclear blast. The first game line-up was the devastating teamwork duo, Blab and morbandit, versus the ragged but sturdy team of Chief, Clarketus and Blitz. It started in a fury, with morbandit's huge tank army rolling across the battle field, nothing standing in its path. But what's this? Back at base morbandit was getting hammered by Chief's Aurora Bombers. In a questionable manoeuvre morbandit charged in, only to be met by an equal force, and utilizing the height advantage, morbandits army was crushed from existence. With morbandit's base all but destroyed, and only a few lone structures left standing, morbandit was left for dead… but was he?
Next Blab's amazing "build more than I can control" tactic came into play, vast numbers of tanks spreading across the field, wiping out all those in their path. Constantly building more and more unrestrained, a win was guaranteed. Meanwhile, morbandit had mounted another attack force, consisting of Comanche's and Paladin tanks. Driving this army forward towards Chief's base, morbandit noticed a break in Chief's defences, and detoured off course with his Comanche's, right into the heart of Chief's undefended base! With Chief occupied on the tanks, morbandit sliced a line of destruction through Chief's base. Finally the choppers met their end against one of Blitz's gattling defences. With Chief angry that no one had destroyed the Comanche's, his base in turmoil, and Blab pushing up ever so slowly, morbandit's tank force met their match against Chief's larger army. After a long hard fight, Blab managed to get his army into the rear of Blitz's base! With an overwhelming blow to his economy, Blitz surrendered honourably. This left Chief's base directly in the path of Blab's army, causing a verbal war to brake out between Chief and Clarketus, the topic being Clarketus's lack of backup. Clarketus then attempted to attack Blab's force - to no avail. After a brief encounter with Chief, it was all over, the team of three beaten by just two.

Many more games of Generals followed, leaving the scores even for the next game; Natural Selection. Blitz gave morbandit a hammering as a lurk, straight away morbandit knew he didn't like this game, and although reasonable at sister mod Counter-Strike, couldn't even break even with Clarketus and Blitz. Chief gave it a brief go, but in the end opted out too. Blab's HMG spam won a few rounds, but finally with Blitz's supreme NS skill pulling him to the top of the scoreboard.

The LAN ended with more Counter-Strike, and lots of lazing on the deck in the sunshine.
An all round good LAN, we will have plenty more in the near future.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Quote of the Year..
Just while I'm in the Microsoft spirit of things..

A Tale Of MicroPhallus (6:03pm EST Thu Jan 08 2004)

Gates is an evil oger, with a tiny shlong, gobbling up all those who might cross his bridge. Or look at the bridge. Or even think about the bridge. ARRGG, rants the under-endowed ms-monster, ARRRRRG, IT'S MY BRIDGE! GO AWAY OR BE DINNER!! - by grimm

Hahaha, check out this article.

Jeeze, people whinge because MS sue someone using "" - whats the problem? of COURSE Microsoft should sue him, the whole reason he would use an address like that, is because the biggest software creator on the planet uses one thats similar, yet he claims he has nothing to do with MS, and cries when they sue his ass. If he didn't want to be sued, he wouldn't have chosen a name like that. Fool. People can't just go around building their businesses off the publicity Microsoft owns. The only reason you would name your company something similar to a hugely well known company like Microsoft, is so you can get publicity. What a lamer.

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My Polytech course starts on Monday.. just a measley 3500 dollars.. sigh. It's based on programming, which should be fun!

After my course I can be a |33-|- |-|4><><()|2 :D

Here's something I did a while back ;)

Click for a bigger view, but first make sure you click Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab>Scroll down to Multimedia>Make sure "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" is off!!

(Please note I mean Microsoft no offence by these images - I can't imagine what the computer would be like without them. Thanks M$ :D)
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
broke a mirror
today i broke a mirror, 7 years bad luck :(
it was glued to the side of my wardrobe, i was trying to prise it off with my bottle opener.
yeah just ended up cracking it into peices, which ironically stayed glued to the wardrobe...
just found out
that james is the only admin of this blog.
dosent this scare anyone else apart from me?
All smiles
YAYAYAYAYAY raid awaits!
new mobo and hard drives for clarky!
joy and happiness!

Current Song
I'm trying to write a PHP based script that grabs information from my current song text file, which automatically updates when I listen to a new song in my Windows Media Player (I hate Winamp). Then I want it to display the song, with media information and even have a history list. Can't get it to work though :(

If I'm listening to a song, and I post a new Blog, as you can see it displays the song I'm listening to, but the problem is, it's only the song I'm listening to at the time of the Blog!

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Damn I'm tired today..

Listening to some Linkin Park to wake me up :)

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Owned by Bandit
Check this Counter-Strike ownage ;]

Har har har... indeed.

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My team just got owned.. the only reason I'm saying this is because I'm a BlogAddict!

In fact.. sounds quite nice... :]

/bandit gets an idea...

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I come back into my room, after dinner, and as I sit down, I knock the desk. Now usually this wouldnt be a problem.. but for whatever reason, probably because the God of computers hates me, my computer restarts. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!
w.bloggar Software
This software is great, I can open it from my desktop, write some stuff, press Post, and wham! it's here on my Blog site!

Fantastical Magical.

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Playa Sol
Is fantastic. Everyone should download it. It's got some really meaningful sounds to it, and some nice trancey beats. See below for the details.

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theSpoke Blog
You can check out my other Blog here.

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