Team Entite was formed by our Team Leader Kivex.
He formed it when one day he said...f*ck it im gonna get more serious stz.
Team Entite is a very strict clan, and if its members dont abide...they're out in a flash.

Team Entite required a line-up of only the best... and until we got that lineup we were not complete.
That goal has been reached and Team Entite is of a great league now.

We had some troubles deciding on a was originally Team Entity..but we were told that was a previous clan's name.
So we changed it to Entite.. with the tag 3n ' ....but our co-leader nortoN decided it would be best to have it as 'entite. ' since Entite is a prO name'la kekeke ;p.

Team Identite only require new members once asked... please dont ask us if we do not require another member.